Why Makeup Artist don’t offer eyes only

This is a great question and I get asked this a lot with Brides and bridal parties alike. Between that and budgeting, I totally understand where this question comes from!

10 Tips for Destination Wedding DIY

Only DIY the small things. Like reception chair signs, the cake topper, simple seating cards or guest book; making items that will be easy to travel with is very important!2. Make ‘welcome bags’ for your guests to receive in their hotel rooms when they check in. They have traveled a long way to be a part of your celebration so welcome them in style. These can be easily assembled when you arrive. If you are the hardcore type of DIY bride, make sure to arrive at your destination a few days early so you will have time to put together all your projects stress-free.

Hide your Dark Circles for GOOD!!!

We have all had those mornings where we want to hide under our eye bags, or the dark circles around our eyes show exactly what kind of party hopping, cocktail sipping fall into bed kind of night we had. Well here are some professional tips and secrets for you my lovelies so you can look fresh and awake any time of day!

10 Things Brides Forget

With all the planning you’re doing right now, it’s hard to imagine there’s any detail you haven’t thought of, but trust us, there are certain to-dos that somehow never make it to the list. Here are the top ones we hear about all the time.