Hide your Dark Circles for GOOD!!!

We have all had those mornings where we want to hide under our eye bags, or the dark circles around our eyes show exactly what kind of party hopping, cocktail sipping fall into bed kind of night we had.  Well here are some professional tips and secrets for you my lovelies so you can look fresh and awake any time of day!!


  • Concealer 1 shade lighter then your foundation (I prefer MAC Studio fix concealer)
  • Concealer 1 shade darker then your foundation
  • 1 concealer palette with pink, yellow, purple and green (can be purchase at walgreens)


  • First use your yellow concealer and dab it around the eye socket and directly under the eye.  Yellow is going to counteract the dark purple circles because yellow is the complementary color to blue/purple on the color wheel.  This means it will neutralize your unwanted dark circles.
  • Next take your concealer, a lighter concealer if your hiding dark circles and the darker concealer if you are hiding puffiness and apply it in a tapping motion from the inner part of your eye working outward until completely blended.
  • Next step pat a light powder to set your concealer for all day wear.

Now my friend, you are ready to tackle the day leaving those dark circles and that unwanted baggage behind!!!